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Understanding Australian English
Understanding Australian English

Understanding Australian English: An Essential Guide to Assist in Understanding Aussies and Being Understood by Aussies in Australia. Australian Slang Explained (Paperback)

English is a living language which is constantly changing. "Understanding Australian English: An Essential Guide to Understanding Aussies and being Understood by Aussies in Australia. Australian Slang Explained" explores and explains the uniqueness of Australian English.

Words which may be offensive in some English speaking cultures are sometimes used by Aussies in an affectionate way with their mates. Very often the contexts in which words are spoken are much more important than the words themselves. Aussies use of hyperbole and their very Australian sense of humour is reflected in their colloquialisms. You will learn and understand more about Aussies after reading this book. This publication is 178 pages in length, and the informative text is punctuated with Aussie photos which have been taken by the Author. In addition to the printed book, there is also a version available as an e-book.

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The paperback version is available from the following suppliers:

Amazon (US)

Book Depository




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