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Powerful Professional Personal Presentations
April Cover

Buy Now 

Powerful Professional Personal Presentations is now available as a Flip Book. You can click the Buy Now button to purchase the Flip Book an instant download. If you click on the book cover to the left, it will take you to Ian’s Books bookcase where you can view and purchase all of the books which have been converted into instant download flip books.

Clicking on the cover below will take you to a site from where you are able to purchase the paperback version of the book.

powerful presentations new cover

Cover of the Paperback version

Paperback versions of Powerful, Professional, Personal Presentations are currently available from:


Amazon (USA)

Amazon (UK)

Amazon (France)

Amazon (Germany)

Amazon (Italy)

Amazon (Spain)


I have prepared a sample preview of the publication. The preview is from the beginning of the publication to the end of Chapter one. There are another fourteen Chapters following Chapter one.

Click on this link to view the preview.

All E-Book versions on the web sites listed below are available by instant download.

E-Book versions of Powerful, Professional, Personal Presentations are currently available from:



Amazon Kindle (USA)

Amazon Kindle (UK)

Amazon Kindle (France)

Amazon Kindle (Germany)

Amazon Kindle (Italy)

Amazon Kindle (Spain)

Amazon Kindle (Australia)

Amazon Kindle (Mexico)

Amazon Kindle (Canada)

Amazon Kindle (Japan)

Amazon Kindle (Brazil)

The Lulu e-book is in an e-Pub format, which is the most common format for e-books. For it you will need to have an e-book reader downloaded to your computer. This is a free download and there are several options available. I use Adobe Digital Editions. It can be downloaded by clicking on the link above and going to their site.

Ahmed cropped cover reduced

E-Book Cover

Above is the cover of the e-book version of “Powerful, Professional, Personal Presentations”. The picture below this text is the cover of the paperback version.

“Powerful, Professional, Personal Presentations” paperback edition will have the following ISBN - 13: 978-1484812587. The ISBN for the e-book version will be 978-1-312-56033-8.

The Amazon Kindle publication is a reformatted version of the paperback. It therefore has the same cover as the paperback version.


All of us communicate, and presenting is an integral part of the communication process. We present our thoughts, ideas or knowledge to others whether it is a one-to-one situation, a small group of friends, or a large audience many of whom we do not know.

The author argues that essentially the skills involved in each of these scenarios are similar. It is basically a matter of increasing our self-confidence to go beyond our existing comfort zone.

Ian McKenzie has had about a half century of experience delivering and observing thousands of presentations. The quality of these have ranged from fantastic, through to reasonable, down to lousy. Practical skills to make you a more powerful, professional, presenter are covered in this book. 

The chapters in the book include:

    What is a Presentation?
    Who Presents and Why?
    Dress and Body Language.
    Developing Your Skills Base.
    Structure Your Presentation.
    Show Action.
    Show Your Passion.
    Great Presentations before PowerPoint.
    Use of Technology.
    Useful Rhetorical Devices.
    Involve Your Audience.
    Practice, Practice, Practice.
    Understanding and Managing Stress.
    The Final Chapter.


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