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Check updates 30 March, 2017

Friday 30 September, 2016

Well, here it is the last day of the first month of Spring for 2016. Actually it’s the last night, but I wanted to get this up on air before the first of October, tomorrow. I have my Professional Year class to take tomorrow and there will not be time for me to spend any time on the computer.

I have produced several photography albums over the last few years, and they all have listings on this site. This year I have actually conducted more photography sessions than I have on previous years, and decided several weeks ago that I should start preparing a 2016 album. Things were going well, but the album “grew like topsy”. It was not long before I had an album that would have been close to two hundred pages in length and was about a 760MB upload. And, the page size I am referring to is the same as the previous albums eight and a half inches by eleven inches.

The maximum upload I am allowed for a printed book is 400MB, so I had to do some culling. But, what to cull?

I didn’t! Instead I have published three albums, each of which is way bigger than all of the previous ones I have published. The first has 122 pages, the second 98 and the third 102. Each is however just under the maximum allowable size of 400MB. The first has more white space between the photos.

Instead of publishing them one at a time I decided to get all the preparation done for the three of them and have them all published during the one week.

Each album is available as an eight and a half inch by eleven inch full colour print book or as an e-book. There are a few different choices with the e-book depending upon which reading device you prefer to use.

I shall post the relevant information below.

Volume 4 front thumbnail
Volume 5 thumbnail
Volume 6 thumbnail

Click on the cover, or here, to obtain a paperback version of this publication.

Click here to obtain an Amazon Kindle version for immediate download.

Click here for PDF from Lulu available for immediate download.

This is Volume 4 in the Passionate About Photography series. This is the largest publication in the series to date, with a total of one hundred and twenty-two pages in full colour (with the exception of just a few black and white photos). The photographs were taken by the photographer/author between January and July 2016.

Publication Date:  27 September 2016
ISBN/EAN13:    153905800X / 9781539058007
Page Count:     122
Binding Type:    US Trade Paper
Trim Size:        8.5" x 11"
Language:       English
Colour:          Full Colour with Bleed
Related Categories:   Photography / Collections, Catalogs, Exhibitions / General

Click on the cover or here to obtain a paperback version of this album.

Click here to obtain an Amazon Kindle version of this publication for immediate download.

Click here to obtain a PDF version from Lulu which is available for immediate download.

This book is volume five in the series Passionate About Photography. The author/photographer conducts regular photo shoots for models and actors living in or near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The models use these photos for their portfolios.

Publication Date: 27 September 2016
ISBN/EAN13:    1539112071 / 9781539112075
Page Count:     92
Binding Type:    US Trade Paper
Trim Size:       8.5" x 11"
Language:      English
Colour:         Full Colour
Related Categories:    Photography / Collections, Catalogs, Exhibitions / General

Click on the cover or here for the paperback version of this album.

Click here for the Amazon Kindle version available for instant download.

Click here to obtain a PDF version of this publication from Lulu which is available for immediate download.

This publication has photographs of models and actors taken during August and September 2016. These models have attended one of the regular photo shoots conducted by the author/photographer.

Publication Date: 26 September 2016
ISBN/EAN13:    1539113817 / 9781539113812
Page Count:     102
Binding Type:    US Trade Paper
Trim Size:        8.5" x 11"
Language:       English
Colour:          Full Colour with Bleed
Related Categories:   Photography / Collections, Catalogs, Exhibitions / General

I have posted additional information on these three publications on the Passionate About Photography web site

Did you know that these books can be sent to people all over the world quickly and economically from international Amazon sites? For example, if you have a relative or friend in the UK to whom you would like to send a copy, order it from the UK site and it will be delivered within two business days to the recipient without any postal charge. The links to the relative Amazon pages are given below.

Amazon Australia (Kindle editions only)

Amazon Brazil  (Paperback and Kindle editions)

Amazon Canada  (Paperback and Kindle editions)

Amazon China  (Only some of the Paperbacks)

Amazon France (Paperback and Kindle editions)

Amazon Germany (Paperback and Kindle editions)

Amazon India (Paperback and Kindle editions)

Amazon Italy (Paperback and Kindle editions)

Amazon Japan (Paperback and Kindle editions)

Amazon Mexico (Paperbacks and Kindle editions)

Amazon Netherlands (Kindle editions only)

Amazon Spain (Paperback and Kindle editions)

Amazon UK (Paperback and Kindle editions)

Amazon USA  ( Ian McKenzie’s Author’s Page - all books listed with Amazon)


The date is now Friday 7 October, 2016. I have just completed publishing black and white versions of each of the above full colour publications. Obviously the printed cost of black and white publications is considerably less than full colour. And, that was my primary reason for going down this route. However, both colour and black and white photographs have qualities which the other category does not. Several of the published photographs look better in black and white. Let me know what you think.

Beautiful in Black and White

January to July 2016 Photographic Memories

Authored by Ian McKenzie
Edition: First Edition

 This is an album of black and white photographs taken by the author/photographer Ian McKenzie from January to July, 2016.

Publication Date:    Oct 06 2016
ISBN/EAN13:       153935699X / 9781539356998
Page Count:        122
Binding Type:       US Trade Paper
Trim Size:          8.5" x 11"

Available as a paperback and as an Kindle e-book at Amazon. Click on the cover for the paperback or on Kindle for the e-book version.

I Love Black and White Photographs

Click cover or here for paperback.

Click here for Kindle

July and August 2016

Authored by Ian McKenzie
Edition: First Edition

 Most photographs we see in the twenty-first century are in full-colour, and that can be great. When the author/photographer Ian McKenzie was growing up in the fifties and sixties, it was well before the age of digital cameras and unless they were hand painted, most photographs were in black and white. Some black and white images have a quality which just can not be matched with colour images.

Publication Date:    Oct 06 2016
ISBN/EAN13:       1539359840 / 9781539359845
Page Count:         92
Binding Type:       US Trade Paper
Trim Size:           8.5" x 11

Passion for Black and White Photography

Click on the above cover or here for paperback version

Click here for Amazon Kindle E-book version

August and September 2016

 Authored by Ian McKenzie
Edition: First Edition

 In the early part of Ian McKenzie's photographic experience photos were taken with film cameras. The films were developed and printed on silver halide coated papers. Black and white was the norm. Most coloured prints were hand coloured black and white prints. Colour photography is now inexpensive and available for everyone. Perhaps it is nostalgia, but black and white photography still has an appeal with the author.

Publication Date:    Oct 06 2016
ISBN/EAN13:       1539371093 / 9781539371090
Page Count:        102
Binding Type:       US Trade Paper
Trim Size:           8.5" x 11

Passionate about B&W

Click on the cover above or here to purchase a copy of this publication

Previous black and white photograph albums published by author/photographer Ian McKenzie, combined together in the one album. This is a large album containing three hundred and eighteen pages eight and a half inches wide by eleven inches high.

Models are of all ages and both genders and live in or near Brisbane in the south-east corner of the state of Queensland, Australia.

ISBN         9781365435164
Copyright     Ian McKenzie (Standard Copyright License)
Edition       First Edition
Publisher     Ian McKenzie
Published     October 6, 2016
Language     English
Pages        318
Binding       Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink     Black & white
Weight        2.07 lbs.
Dimensions (inches)     8.5 inches wide x 11 inches tall

I have multiple copies of some of the above publications and will soon have multiple copies of them all. If you live locally I would be happy to show you copies of them. As I have purchased in bulk, I have saved on shipping and can get copies for you at a lower price than online ordering. I will have copies with me at future photo shoots. If I have photographed you during 2016, there will be photographs of you in these publications.

This web site was first published on Monday 6 October, 2014. More content will be added during the coming weeks. Latest additions made on Tuesday 2 May, 2017.

Ian McKenzie, EzineArticles Diamond Author 

Beaut Photo Products is a new web site that I started work on during January, 2016. You are very welcome to make a visit to it.

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