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All e-books listed on this page are available for instant download. Regardless of their size, all e-books published by Ian McKenzie are available for US$5.00 or less. Some are listed as iBooks. Clicking on the appropriate link will take you to a page where you will have the choice of downloading from Lulu or iBooks.

Some are also listed with other distributors of e-books including Kobo, Barnes and Noble Nook Books, and others. If you prefer to use these other distributors, doing a search on their web sites with the title and/or author, should let you access the book.

A to Zed of Aussie Slang
Beautiful Brisbane Your Electronic Post-Card of Brisbane

A to Zed of Aussie Slang 2015

An updated 2015 glossary of Australian slang. Languages are alive and constantly changing. After the Malaysian airways fight MH17 was shot down in Ukraine in 2014, Australia's Prime Minister threatened to "shirtfront" Russia's President Vladimir Putin at the November G20 meeting of government heads in Brisbane, Australia. Not many people except for ardent Australian Rules Football followers had any idea of what a "shirtfront" is. It is explained along with hundreds of other slang terms in this comprehensive up to date glossary of Australian colloquialisms.

The paperback version of this book can be accessed here.

Beautiful Brisbane
Your Electronic Post-Card of Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland, Australia. With its sub-tropical climate and winding Brisbane river, the city has often been called the "River City". City Cats (catamarans) are a popular mode of travel in the city, and a trip up and down the river in a Cat is highly recommended for anyone visiting Brisbane. All photographs have been taken by author and photographer, Ian McKenzie.


Celebrating Australia Day 2015

Celebrating Australia Day 2015

Every state and territory in Australia has a public holidaeach year to celebrate Australia Day. On the 26 January, 1788 the first fleet from Britain arrived at the place we now call Sydney. Passionate About Photography has a monthly photo shoot. The theme for the January 2015 shoot was celebrating Australia Day This is the e-book version of the paperback book that has already been published.

The paperback version of this book can be accessed here.

Love Is In the Air

Love Is In the Air

Love Is In the Air. Twenty love poems by famous poets, hundreds of quotations and photographs depicting different aspects of love. All photographs taken by the author, Ian McKenzie.

This is the e-book version of the Trade size paperback (8.5 X11 inches) publication which is eighty-eight pages in length and contains hundreds of full-colour photographs. The file size is large and although available for instant download, the download will take some time.

The paperback version of “Love Is In the Air” can be accessed by clicking on this link.

Passionate About Photography Christmas 2014

Passionate About Photography
Christmas 2014

Ian McKenzie has been passionate about photography for well over half a century. Photography has never been his full-time job, but always his passion. Now he is semi-retired he is able to spend more time enjoying it.

The paperback version of “Passionate About Photography Christmas 2014” can be accessed by clicking this link


Passionate About Photography The Spit Southport

Passionate About Photography
The Spit Southport November 2014

On one morning each month a group of photographers and models who are passionate about photography get together at a venue in or near Brisbane for a photography session. The November 2014 shoot was on the weekend that the G20 was being conducted in Brisbane. We decided it would be a good time to get away from Brisbane, and we headed off to The Spit at Southport on the Gold Coast. This album was first published as a paperback. This is the e-book version of the same publication.

Click this link to access the paperback version

Powerful, Professional, Personal Presentations

Powerful, Professional, Personal Presentations

Great presenters are not born great, they learn the skills required and practice them to become great. You too can learn to deliver powerful, professional, personal presentations by learning and practicing the strategies discussed in this book. The author, Ian McKenzie, has spent a half century delivering and observing presentations. These presentations have ranged from being lousy to being fantastic. We can learn from both our own mistakes and those made by others. More importantly we can learn to use the important skills that great speakers have used throughout history. Years of practical skills and experience which will assist you in becoming a better presenter are compressed here in this useful and inexpensive publication.

Click this link to access the paperback version of this book

Understanding Australian English photo

Understanding Australian English

An explanation of colloquialisms (slang) in common usage in Australia. Australian spoken English can be very different from English spoken in other countries..., even countries in which English is the first language. This comprehensive guide is written by an educator who has worked for many years with International Post-Graduate students for whom English was their second language, and Australian English was their third. Hundreds of slang terms are explained in addition to the context in which many are used. As an example, the word "bastard" to many speakers of the English language would be an offensive term. In Australia it is very often used as a term of affection by people who are "good mates". The slang terms are grouped in categories in alphabetical order to enable them to be found easily. "Heaps" of useful information on Australian English. The text is punctuated with "Aussie photos" which have been taken by the author.

Click here for the paperback version of this book

Useful Rhetorical Devices

Useful Rhetorical Devices

Alliteration, similies, metaphors in addition to an additional sixty-six useful rhetorical devices, explained and exemplified. What we write and how we write, in addition to what we say and how we say it, are important considerations to remember if we are to become skilful rhetoricians. The author's compilation of sixty-nine useful rhetorical tools, along with explanations of how they are used and examples of them will greatly assist you the next time you have an important paper to write or a speech to give.

This book has also been published as a paperback with the title, “Sixty-Nine Tools”.

It can be accessed by clicking on this link.

a to zed kindle2
Australian Humour and Slang Kindle
kindle pppp
Kindle mac
Kindle snt

Kindle Edition
A to Zed of Aussie Slang 2015

Australian English like all other languages being used is a living entity and is constantly changing. Many slang terms used by my parent's generation are infrequently used now. Likewise, the language used by Aussie teenagers today is different from the language I feel comfortable using.

With the internet, television and the globalisation of almost everything, cultures are being influenced by other cultures and many slang terms are now almost universal.

However, we do need to take care when we use language in different cultures, because even the same slang terms can mean different things. Two examples which come to mind are the words "thong" and "fanny". These words have very different meanings in the United States of America and in Australia.

In Australia, the context in which various words are used can totally change the meanings of those words. An example is the word "bastard". The dictionary meaning is "a person born from an unmarried mother". It is used in a derogatory sense in most cultures and can be used that way in Australia also. However, in Australia it can also be used in an almost affectionate way between good friends.

Kindle Edition
Australian Humour and Slang

Black, dry, irreverent, ironic, self-mocking; are all words that have been used to describe Australian humour. This humour is reflected in the unique slang that is used by Aussies. The author has compiled a comprehensive catalogue of Australian colloquialisms and has included not only explanations of their meanings, but in several cases short stories and examples of them.

Kindle Edition
Powerful, Professional, Personal Presentations

Professionals are regularly called upon to give presentations of various types. Whether it be; conducting a coaching session or seminar, a training program, a guest speaker at an event or a variety of other activities; if you are required to present a topic, you will want it to be professionally done and to optimise the learning outcomes for the participants.

This publication gives you the strategies for you to quickly develop the necessary skills to give a professional performance which will be long be remembered.

Author Ian McKenzie, has spent a major part of his working career as a teacher, educator, trainer, lecturer and educational administrator in many different education and training sectors.

Having observed presentations ranging from brilliant to lousy and just about everything in between, Ian has analysed what makes the best presentations and gives that information here.

Ian believes that we don't have sufficient time in one life time to make all the mistakes ourselves. So, in addition to learning from our own mistakes it is important that we also learn from others.

Examples are given of "not so good" presentations, with advice so that ours should not fall into that category.

This publication is Volume 1 in a series called "Optimal Employability". The author, Ian McKenzie, has worked for many years with professionals improving their skills to enable them to better perform in their chosen professions. 

Future publications in this series will include strategies for improving business writing and communication in general, writing resumes and addressing selection criteria and developing interview and related skills.

Kindle Edition
Modern Australian Colloquialisms

Australian slang is changing. Many slang terms used by my parents generation and before then are no longer in use. "Cobber" for example is not often heard these days, but "mate" certainly is. We used to have "bobs" and "zacks", but that was in the days before February, 1966 when decimal currency was introduced. With the internet and social networking sites, there are global influences now on language, and many slang terms have become universal. Aussies have a sense of humour which is reflected in our slang. We tend to use hyperbole to a great extent. Many words we use with mates in a friendly many would be considered offensive in other English speaking countries. Very often the context in which something is said is far more important than the actual words themselves.

Even with all the changes to language, many Aussie colloquial terms remain, and I have endeavoured to put a comprehensive collection of them together in this publication.

Also included are a few short stories including an explanation of the meaning of the words in a song which has almost become the unofficial Australian National Anthem; "Once a Jolly Swagman". In some cases I have used the slang words in a sentence to help explain their meanings.

Kindle Edition
Sixty-Nine Tools

Alliteration, allusion, analogy, hyperbole, metaphor and simile are all rhetorical devices of which most of us are aware. But, there are many more. The author, Ian McKenzie describes sixty-nine of them, giving examples of each.

These sixty-nine tools will be of assistance to both writers and those who need to give presentations. An understanding and use of these tools will help in making good writing and good presentations better.

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