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2017 Publications

One advantage of retirement is additional time to spend on projects you enjoy. Being behind a camera taking photographs is one of my passions, and I also enjoy working with the photographs. I do not do as much photographic manipulation such as getting rid of wrinkles and making eyes brighter etc., as I once did, because I think I now prefer a more natural look. However, my post-camera work still takes considerably more time than the actual photographic session.

Designing photographic albums is one project I am now devoting more time to. As you are probably aware I have published several photography albums and other books over the years. Some of you may have been involved in shoots from which photographs have appeared in my albums. I have decided that from the beginning of 2017, all of my edited photographs from Passionate About Photography shoots will be published in albums.

The first two publications listed below are examples of this. They contain photographs of the first three Passionate About Photography shoots during 2017. The first shoot was at Captain Burke Park at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane. The second was at Bulcock Beach in Caloundra on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. The third was at Cedar Creek Falls at north Mt Tamborine, which is a part of Lamington National Park in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Multiple copies of my books are purchased and generally I have at least a few copies of each with me at my shoots for models and others with whom I meet face-to-face. These will be made available for a lower cost than you will pay if purchased from a retailer.

Just a point on sizing. You will of course notice that the photographic links I have below are quite large. That size reflects the large size of the albums. They are all US Trade Paper size which is eight inches by eleven and a half inches. Although both the full colour version and the black and white version are of the same first three shoots, the colour album has 118 pages and the black and white 184 pages. Colour is more expensive to print than black and white. The layout of each album has been done independently, and I have included more larger format photos in the black and white album. It also contains head shots from the shoots which have not been included in the colour album.

Finally a note on pricing. Sometimes I get a slight feeling of guilt when I meet people face-to-face who want one or more copies of my books. They might say something like, “they are twenty dollars each, aren’t they”? I may reply along the lines of, “no, they are thirty dollars each”.

When you click on any of the links below, you will see the price of the albums. That is the price in US dollars. If you order from the site you will have to pay the shipping cost to Australia in addition to paying for the conversion of US dollars into Aussie dollars. If you order a book with priority shipping you will probably be paying around thirty dollars, expedited shipping will cost around twenty dollars, and if you are willing to wait around a month to receive your package and pay for “snail mail”, you will still be paying around twelve dollars shipping cost.

I also have to pay for shipping, but make a saving by purchasing several copies in one order. Expedited shipping is my preferred option, and this allows me to receive my order within around a fortnight of the order. Also I ensure I purchase a minimum of twenty books in one order to keep the costs down. I do guarantee that any purchase direct from me will be considerably less than what you will pay from any retailer.

Why do I publish in the United States and not in Australia?

That question is very easily answered. The cost is far less!

The books I publish have fairly small print runs and also rely on print on demand printing facilities. There is no firm in Australia that comes even close to the low prices that I pay for US publications. I do regularly check and compare prices. As an example, all books whether paperbacks or hard covers need to have an ISBN if they are going to be sold. In Australia purchase of an ISBN is more than two hundred dollars each before starting to look at other production costs. The two US firms that I use provide free ISBN’s.

Passionate About Photography January and February 2017 Colour Album front cover
Passionate About Photography January and February 2017 Black and White Album front cover
Combined Albums 2016 front cover
Black and White Portfolio 2017 Front Cover
Examples of Work Some Subjects and Photographic Styles of the Author front cover

Each of the books listed above is a paperback. A book that you can hold in your hands and turn the pages.

In recent years e-books have become much more common. There are of course pros and cons of both e-books and paperbacks/hardbacks. Although I have hundreds of books on my e-book reader, personally I prefer to physically hold a book in my hands instead of reading an electronic copy. However, an electronic version of a book can be produced for a much lower cost than a hard copy. Most of the paperbacks I have published also have e-book versions, including the five publications listed above. The highest price for any of my e-books is US$5.00.

The link below is not just to the book which is listed, but it is to my Amazon Author’s page where all of the publications I have with Amazon are listed whether they are hard copies or Amazon Kindle e-book versions. If you don’t have a Kindle reader, the Kindle app can be downloaded to your favourite device at no cost.

kindle authors page

8 March 2017

ISIS . . . , Brexit . . . , the election of Trump as president of the USA . . . , the rise of Pauline Hansen and her One Nation party in Australia . . . , world events which at the very least indicate unrest and which many of us find disturbing.

A knowledge of history can often help us understand current issues, and I often enjoy reading again advice given by great philosophers throughout history, in addition to some advice that has been given by writers, actors, politicians and even some entrepreneurs. It does not always have to be serious, sometimes we just need to be entertained and have a good laugh.

I have compiled a list of some of my favourite sayings on subjects including motivation, inspiration, love and smoking. Reading just plain text can be boring, so I have illustrated each of the quotations I have published with photos or other graphics. I hope you enjoy the publication.

Staying Positive during 2017 front cover
staying positive 2017 kindle

The Kindle edition is now available via instant download for less then the cost of a cup of coffee.

210 pages of colour photographs, graphics and quotes. Click on the cover photo to the left to make an instant purchase.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Well the aftermath of cyclone Debbie is with us. Schools are closed and roads are flooded. I am well and truly house bound. I just waded through the localised flooding around my house to check out my driveway and found a raging torrent of up to about a metre of water racing across it. The large 90cm concrete pipes obviously could not cope with the volume of water racing across the property. My house is a couple of hundred metres from the road. I just hope that after the rain subsides I will still have a driveway.

There is still power, so I am able to do some work on the computer. Below are links to my latest publications. Click on the book cover image for more information and/or to make a purchase.


February and March 2017 Colour Album front cover
Feb & March 2017 Colour Kindle

Above is the paperback version.

To the left is the Kindle e-book version.

February and March 2017 Black and White Album front cover
Feb & March 2017 B & W Kindle

Above is the paperback version.

To the left is the Kindle e-book version.

Berrinba Wetlands shoot March 2017 front cover
Berrinba Wetlands Kindle

Above is the paperback version.

To the left is the Kindle e-book version

Epub Edition

April 2017 front cover Epub

Paperback Edition

April 2017 Colour Album Front

A Apple Pie Flip Book Edition

A Apple Pie Epub Edition

A Apple Pie Amazon Kindle Edition

A Apple Pie PDF Edition

A Apple Pie Paperback Edition


A Applw Pie front cover
A Applw Pie Back cover

Mother Goose Paperback

Mother Goose Epub

Mother Goose Flip Book

Mother Goose Front
Mother Goose Back

“Five Little Mice in a Mouse Trap Giant Colouring Book” Is available as:

A Paperback

An Epub E-book

A Flip book E-Book

Five Little Mice Front
Five Little Mice Back
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